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• 5/1/2018

Pose Mode

Starting to do Poses I take Suggestions! <3
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

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Have fun!
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• 1/7/2016

New Year Party - Canon, SFW

(Behold, the first roleplay of the wiki!)
I figured we should start this year off with a bang. The students are all invited to a New Years Party at Akademi High School, where they can mingle, take part in fun games, dance and pretty much have fun.
No jerkiness.
You can bring in as many OCs as you like.
No trolling.
No NSFW stuff.
Now we can begin!
Akuma and Xavier arrived at the gym in formal attire, where the party was going to begin. Akuma was blushing wildly. "Lemme guess. Kyoko Mikami again?" Xavier asked. Akuma nodded. "Don't worry. I'll try to be a wingman." Xavier said, patting Akuma on the back reassuringly.
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• 12/31/2015

Roleplay Ideas

Suggest some roleplays we could do. This wiki is failing.
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• 12/23/2015

Admin or Moderator Application

-I was voted Time magazines Person of the year in 2006
-I beat Dark Souls 2 twice
-I haven't thrown up in the past 24 hours
-I can tie my shoes now
-Im good at yelling
-I can read and write
-Litteraly no reasons not to hire me. 
-I have beaten every MGS game.
-I've watched the new star wars
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• 12/23/2015

Moderator Application

Alright, since this wiki is new and now is the time to apply I have to take this chance by the horns and give it my all! *anime theme music plays*
Qualifications -

I have good grammar.
I am on near daily.
I check the forums daily.
I can take a joke.
I watched all of Makura no Danshi and lived.
I know what comes after 6.
I know the difference between their, there, they're.
I've played the whole Dragon Age series 9 times.
I beat Undertale on the Pacifist Route.
I am very jolly around Christmas, and can help the wiki become the jolliest.
I am also very spooky around Halloween, and have spooky memes to keep the wiki alive.
I can make terrible photoshops for the lolz.
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• 12/23/2015

Admin/Moderator App

- I can supply the chat with sufficent memes
- I can review peoples ocs
- I know how to pun
- Im always tired so im filled with the hatered of a thousand suns.
- I stay up late at night watching KOTH-YTPS
- Memes.
- Look just let me be Moderator/Admin and you can get this shit all at the low low price of free
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• 12/21/2015

Staff Application

Rollback, Moderator, or Admin, any will be fine. I'm on everyday, and I have good grammar.
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This post is locked.
• 12/22/2015

Staff Application

I want to be a staff member. Chat mod please. I am often on the internet and I have experience on another wiki with another account.  I don't have too many edits. I am also quite mature. When I'm acting immature, it's obviously a joke.
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• 12/21/2015

Admin Application

Just applying for admin.
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• 12/21/2015

Mougeki Mero OCs - Reviews by Fanfiction-chan

The OC's information will be in regular text. My comments will be bolded.
Name: Kyoko Nekouto So apparently her surname is a pun on "cat" and "sister." I find this cute, since it describes her well, as she is a sister and wears cat ears.
Appearance: She have a short pink hair, pink eyes and wears neko ears. She also wears a braid on her head, below her bangs. So, she wears cat ears. Meaning, they're not actually attacthed to her? You might want to clarify... Also, don't forget her breast size, stockings, and uniform!
Personality: She loves cats just like her sister, and she loves her sister and her grandma a lot. She have a lot of friends at school. She is part of the cooking club, and she really does cook well. You might want to give her a couple flaws, because her personality seems kind of flawless. Maybe she's naive or too trustworthy? Just a suggestion.
Background: She was born and live in Buraza. She and her sister were created by her grandma, who was a really lovely person. The grandma was rich, so she gave the best to the Nekouto sisters: best clothes, best education, the best mansion...Kyoko has being a nice and thankful girl since she started to live with her mother. She tries to do her best at school even if she is a bit more slow to learn things. She is really talkative and sometimes this ends up at her going to the Counselor's room. Oh. So she does have flaws. That's good, I was worried she'd be kind of a Sue. But anyways, she was created by her grandmother? Meaning what? She was adopted, did the grandmother give birth to her and the father was unknown? If the grandmother gave birth, though, then she'd be a regular mother, not a grandmother...  Also, I like the rich part. It makes sense, because Akademi's a rich school and it costs a lot of money. So, in short, you might want to clarify about her grandmother.
Score - 8/10 - The backstory part confused me, but other than that, you're in the clear!
The rest of Mougeki Mero's OCs will be reviewed in the comment section.
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• 12/21/2015

Ema Uio (Review by GothCookie)

Ema has black hair in a bun. The bun is on the right side of her head. Her fringe covers half her left eye. She has lilac eyes. She wears Uniform 5. Her socks are black and white striped. 
Pretty good so far. The lilac eyes fit how most of the eyes IN Yandere Simulator are colourful colours - the black hair in a bun on the right side of her head is a normal hairstyle. I like how the socks are black and white striped.
Ema is an anti-pervert. She detests them and will not talk to one. She is a tsundere. She is harsh and strict to most people. She has a soft side for young children. 
This description fits her personality - she's an anti-pervert that won't talk to one. If she DID talk to them (apart from insulting them) that wouldn't make sense. This is also the same with the tsundere/harsh and strict part. It fits with the description! I like how she has a soft side for children, this is not usually mentioned. The personality is great!
She tranfered to Akademi when she was 16. When she first moved she didn't talk to anyone but she slowly started to become more confident. 
I like how she *slowly* started to become more confident. Maybe there can be just a little more information?...
10/10 - a really, really good OC so far. We just need a little more information! :3 Otherwise Ema is perfect!
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• 12/21/2015

Needed Pages

Since the wikia is anew, we need a lot of pages! Please, import your OCs characters from the other wiki (you can copy the content, it is allower for your own OCs). We also really need more canon pages. Here is a list of them. Pages with Pink highlight are already creted/existing. Pages highlighted in red need to be created. Please, help us with the new wikia OwO
-Ayano Aishi
-Midori Gurin
-Saki Miyu
-Osana Najimi
-Sora Sosuke
-Mina Rai
-Shi Ta
-Kuu Dere
-Mai Waifu
-Budo Masuta
-Juku Ren
-Sho Kunin
-Inkyu Basu
-Sakyu Basu
-Tsun Dere
~As soon as all needed pages be created, I will update this list~
P.S will also be helping with all I can ;) &gt;w&lt;
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• 12/21/2015

New Rules for Canon Characters?

Since this isn't the old wikia, can we change some of our rules? Like, can we have the canon characters given their own, new fanon personality? Or should we wait for things like that?
You see, what I wanted was some things like, not having the girl half of the Rainbow 12 in the Cooking Club, different personas, more built personalities (Mei Mio being shy or whatever), exact ages rather than "around 17", new relationships, etc. Wouldn't that be so cool? 
There was a poll against making a major change to a canon character without everyone voting for that change. Does this rule still have affect here? Also, that brings up a new question! What rules do the usual users of the Fandom wikia disagree with? I know most of you think that the other wikia is in ruins, so what rule changes could fix that?
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• 12/20/2015

Kureiji Mesu-Backstory

Kureiji Mesu, born in Shisuta Town on a train on 4th August 1999 to two loving parents, was a blessed kid who was showered with love, care and gifts. She didn't feel grateful for any of these kind gestures, however - she didn't feel an ounce of thankfulness in her body in her entire life.
Why was she born on a train? They had cabs back then right? Why does she not feel thankfulness?
No matter how many hugs she got or how many gifts she got given, Kureiji didn't feel any happiness or gratefulness at all. In fact, she didn't feel anything. She drifted through her childhood not knowing why she existed, exactly.
"Got Given" and why is there an exactly at the end?
She thought that by acting like a normal girl, she would magically become a normal girl. So Kureiji started reading magical-girl manga, watching magical-girl anime, playing video games and going outside to play with other girls. Kureiji still was her emotionless self after all these things.
Why did she think magical stuff would make her normal?
Kureiji tried to convince everyone that she was innocent, and tried to act cute and adorable. It worked, and nobody saw her emotionless self. Even though some people thought she was a little weird, those people still adored her, and Kureiji bathed in the attention, feeling a drop of relief in her body that nobody saw her true self.
How does a broken girl get so much attention? I think if your broken you should not get so much amazing attention, at least Yandere-chan was barely ever noticed.
She went along with this act, even through high school. On her first day of high school, Kureiji stopped feeling almost normal. She walked past a girl, who was absolutely perfect in her eyes, and felt a feeling she had never felt before. Kureiji realized it was love. As soon as it came, the feeling left, and when Kureiji went to look at the girl again, she was talking to someone.
So now she is Yandere-chan 2.0?
Suddenly, Kureiji felt a burning anger. She realized it was rage. Soon, Kureiji slowly found out about the girl she fell in love with. Her name was Kyoko Mikami, she was in Class 2-2, and she was shy.
She's Info-chan 2.0 too?!
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• 12/20/2015

Kyoko Mikami - Backstory Review

All of the text from the page is in fine font. My thoughts are in bold font.
Kyoko Mikami was the second oldest child of the Mikami family, born to Makoto and Mai Mikami on February 14th 1998. She lived in a beautiful little house with her parents and her older sister Kiko (who she adored with all her heart) and then later, Kae and Kumi. Kyoko was the happiest child you could ever see.
I like this bit. She is happy and innocent, like a normal child with a happy family.
One simple morning changed all of that. Kyoko was 10 years old at the time, it was a peaceful morning and Kyoko was simply walking to school. She saw her big sister walking out of a store and waved to her excitedly. Happy to see her, Kiko ran across the road to get to her - but she didn't manage to reach Kyoko. 
A speeding car flew down the road and hit Kiko so hard that she went flying. Kiko's scream echoed in Kyoko's head, so Kyoko screamed too. People came rushing from all over to find Kiko's dead body, with blood everywhere. They didn't even need to take her to hospital to find out that she was dead.
This changes everything,it turns the tables. I really don't like it. It happens too fast. You could improve it by having Kiko slowly pass away or something. 
Kyoko sunk into a deep depression, not eating and lying in her bed at night, staring at the ceiling. Her family was worried about her, so they took her to a therapist. Kyoko clamped her mouth shut and shook her head when the therapist asked her questions, so the sessions were eventually given up.
I'm sure not eating is another disorder called Anorexia,not depression. That's a different thing entirely. Also,any parent would not stop therapy, no matter what happens. They would keep their child sane. 
One day, Kyoko woke up and she didn't feel that desperate unhappiness any more. She jumped out of bed and acted normally...like she did before Kiko's accident. Her parents didn't worry about her any more. A few weeks later, Makoto and Mai decided to move to Buraza Town for a "fresh start" because Makoto was a business man and had been there on a business trip before.
How would she randomly wake up fine? Depression does NOT work like that at all. And also, her parents would still worry a bit, in case she ends up like Kiko.
Kyoko, despite her sudden burst of happiness, still felt a little sad, but decided to make the most of things and go to Akademi High. Soon, Makoto got obsessed with his work and his family hardly saw him because he went on too many business trips. Mai decided to become a babysitter, though she still looked after her own babies. Even though Kyoko still had a sad, aching feeling inside her, she mostly felt normal and happy. 
I like the fact that she is not perfectly happy,it gives her a chance for interesting interactions with others.
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• 12/20/2015

Application for staff

I want to apply for staff, I have NO idea how much support I need but-
I have good grammar and spelling and I have been to the other wiki everyday, things here won't be different when it comes to me being here!
I don't care what I am promoted to. If you say I have only been here for two days, Light has put up her application the day she joined. Enough said.
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• 12/20/2015

Canon Pages content

Saki Miyu, Riku Soma, Ayano Aishi, Kohaku Ootori...They all are canon character pages and them all have exact the same content of the canon wiki for now. It is a "content placeholder", but we should work as soon as we can to modify their content (like removing info from old builds, add stuff such as other pics, etc). The WIKIA COMMUNITY has a rule against stealing content from other wikias. This is stealing, even if me and Cookie muse the canon wiki content as placeholder. We need the many help as we can to rewrite them. It will take some time, but soon they will be unique.
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• 12/20/2015

Editing Pages

In terms of formatting pages, how similar are they going to be to the fanon wikia? I just wanted to be sure, since this wikia is so new I don't really know the rules about editing properly. I suppose this place is really... lenient and open rather than strict and picky?
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This post is locked.
• 12/19/2015

Admin Application

Just applying for admin. :3
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