Kyoko Mikami - Backstory Review

All of the text from the page is in fine font. My thoughts are in bold font.


Kyoko Mikami was the second oldest child of the Mikami family, born to Makoto and Mai Mikami on February 14th 1998. She lived in a beautiful little house with her parents and her older sister Kiko (who she adored with all her heart) and then later, Kae and Kumi. Kyoko was the happiest child you could ever see.

I like this bit. She is happy and innocent, like a normal child with a happy family.

One simple morning changed all of that. Kyoko was 10 years old at the time, it was a peaceful morning and Kyoko was simply walking to school. She saw her big sister walking out of a store and waved to her excitedly. Happy to see her, Kiko ran across the road to get to her - but she didn't manage to reach Kyoko. 

A speeding car flew down the road and hit Kiko so hard that she went flying. Kiko's scream echoed in Kyoko's head, so Kyoko screamed too. People came rushing from all over to find Kiko's dead body, with blood everywhere. They didn't even need to take her to hospital to find out that she was dead.

This changes everything,it turns the tables. I really don't like it. It happens too fast. You could improve it by having Kiko slowly pass away or something. 

Kyoko sunk into a deep depression, not eating and lying in her bed at night, staring at the ceiling. Her family was worried about her, so they took her to a therapist. Kyoko clamped her mouth shut and shook her head when the therapist asked her questions, so the sessions were eventually given up.

I'm sure not eating is another disorder called Anorexia,not depression. That's a different thing entirely. Also,any parent would not stop therapy, no matter what happens. They would keep their child sane. 

One day, Kyoko woke up and she didn't feel that desperate unhappiness any more. She jumped out of bed and acted she did before Kiko's accident. Her parents didn't worry about her any more. A few weeks later, Makoto and Mai decided to move to Buraza Town for a "fresh start" because Makoto was a business man and had been there on a business trip before.

How would she randomly wake up fine? Depression does NOT work like that at all. And also, her parents would still worry a bit, in case she ends up like Kiko.

Kyoko, despite her sudden burst of happiness, still felt a little sad, but decided to make the most of things and go to Akademi High. Soon, Makoto got obsessed with his work and his family hardly saw him because he went on too many business trips. Mai decided to become a babysitter, though she still looked after her own babies. Even though Kyoko still had a sad, aching feeling inside her, she mostly felt normal and happy. 

I like the fact that she is not perfectly happy,it gives her a chance for interesting interactions with others.