Ema Uio (Review by GothCookie)

Ema has black hair in a bun. The bun is on the right side of her head. Her fringe covers half her left eye. She has lilac eyes. She wears Uniform 5. Her socks are black and white striped. 

Pretty good so far. The lilac eyes fit how most of the eyes IN Yandere Simulator are colourful colours - the black hair in a bun on the right side of her head is a normal hairstyle. I like how the socks are black and white striped.

Ema is an anti-pervert. She detests them and will not talk to one. She is a tsundere. She is harsh and strict to most people. She has a soft side for young children. 

This description fits her personality - she's an anti-pervert that won't talk to one. If she DID talk to them (apart from insulting them) that wouldn't make sense. This is also the same with the tsundere/harsh and strict part. It fits with the description! I like how she has a soft side for children, this is not usually mentioned. The personality is great!

She tranfered to Akademi when she was 16. When she first moved she didn't talk to anyone but she slowly started to become more confident. 

I like how she *slowly* started to become more confident. Maybe there can be just a little more information?...


10/10 - a really, really good OC so far. We just need a little more information! :3 Otherwise Ema is perfect!