Aponi Moe is a fanon character made by EstelleBrown.


Aponi has light brown hair down to her waist. She ties it in pig tails with a four-leaf clover hair band for school. At home, she just lets it loose and clips it with a clover hair clip. She has emerald green eyes and straight bangs.


Aponi tends to find herself daydreaming in the worst situations such as during tests and class. She loves nature and everything about it. Aponi is trying to make the world greener and better for everyone. The main reason Aponi likes gardening so much is because she loves the idea of making a part of the world a better place for us and animals to live in, even if its only so little.

Back Story

Sadly, Aponi Moe's parents are divorced. Luckily though, Aponi is determined to not let that get her down. Even till now, she is still her bright and happy self. During lunch, she tends to the gardens in the Gardening Club and waters them daily. She stays behind in school for a while to take care of the plants before leaving. She always wears something that has to do with four-leaf clovers as they are thought to bring good luck. Aponi thinks she needs plenty of luck if she wants to stop mankind from destroying their home. Aponi may be small, but she is resilient and determined to make her vision come true.


{Still a W.I.P}