Homura Nekouto is another OC made by Mougeki Mero


She was born and live in Buraza. She and her sister were created by her grandma, who was a really lovely person. The grandma was rich, so she gave the best to the Nekouto sisters: best clothes, best education, the best mansion...However the sisters were really different: while Kyoko is the nice and gentle one, Homura is the cold and evil one. She is indifferent towards her grandma and wish her death so she can stay with all her money and possessions. Homura now fequents the second year of the Akademi High School. She bullies a lot of people there but she manages to not be caught. Homura is part of the Drama club, but unlike the other members, she use her abillities for evil.


She is mean, evil, and hateful. She have love for just two living cretures: her sister and cats. She is always seen with neko ears. She hates mostly people. She bullies them, torture them mentally. She have a nice acting ability she uses to not be caught up by teachers and to blame other people. She is also very cold and intelligent .


She have a dark blue hair, tied up in two braids, pink eyes, and is always seen wearing neko ears. She has flat bust. She is usually seen with a emotionless face.






  • She loves cats and have lot of them in her house.
  • "Homura" means "Flame" and "Nekouto" is a pun of "Neko (Cat)" and "Imouto (sister)".
  • She is on Classroom 2-2.
  • She is "friends" with most teachers, the counselor and influent people.