Kyoko Nekouto is another OC made by Mougeki Mero


She was born and live in Buraza. She and her sister were created by her grandma, who was a really lovely person. The grandma was rich, so she gave the best to the Nekouto sisters: best clothes, best education, the best mansion...Kyoko has being a nice and thankful girl since she started to live with her mother. She tries to do her best at school even if she is a bit more slow to learn things. She is really talkative and sometimes this ends up at her going to the Counselor's room.


She is nice, talkative, lovely and a loyal friend. She loves cats just like her sister, and she loves her sister and her grandma a lot. She have a lot of friends at school. She is part of the cooking club, and she really does cook well.


She have a short pink hair, pink eyes and wears neko ears. She also wears a braid on her head, below her bangs.






  • She loves cats and have lot of them in her house.
  • "Kyoko" means "Strong" and "Nekouto" is a pun of "Neko (Cat)" and "Imouto (sister)".
  • She is on Classroom 3-2.
  • She is friends with most students.