Kyoshi Taiso is the gym teacher of Akademi High School.


Kyoshi has blonde hair cut to her shoulders, she has messy bangs that stick out slightly. She has blue eyes and tanned skin. She wears a red sweat suit with white stripes. Kyoshi has a grey whistle around her neck and wears red and white sneakers.


According to her profile, Kyoshi is friendly but Strict. She is a part of the school faculty and has had extensive martial arts training. She will smile and tilt her head slightly when a camera is pointed at her without being in the Photography Club.


Kyoshi has no routine yet, she stands in the grass field near the school gates all day unless she is chasing Yandere-chan.


  • Kyoshi Taiso was implemented in the March 31st, 2016 Build.
  • She will not be affected by the School Atmosphere.
  • Her animations, along with her track suit are from the Bad Time Mode easter egg.