Osana Najimi is the first rival in Yandere Simulator. Make sure not to mistaken her with Rival-chan, her placeholder. 


Osana has two long, orange pigtails that go to her knees. Her hair somewhat fades to a subtle yellow at the end, and is tied with two pink and white scrunchies. She wears black loafers, and her salmon and white polka dot socks reach her upper thigh area.


Osana is a stereotypical tsundere, which means she is hostile on the outside but sweet on the inside. She denies her crush on Senpai, although when the game starts she plans to confess to him by the end of the week. Osana might not be as sweet on the inside as she seems to be however, considering she wouldn't comfort Senpai if his sister died.



The relationship between Senpai and Osana is that, they have been close friends since they were young children. Osana is close friends with Senpai, she even is friends with his younger clingy sister "Hanako Yamada." Osana apparently has a secret crush on him but she always tries to hide.  


  • Osana's name is probably a refrence and pun on osananajimi, a trope in romance which features a childhood friend.