Riku Soma is one of the male students that attends Akademi High School.


Riku Soma wears the default male school uniform, unless customized by the player.

Riku Soma has purple hair. His eyes are also purple. His hair is more spiky than Senpai's default hair, with loose purple strands jutting out from the right side.


Among the types of personas included in the game, he is a Teacher's Pet. If Riku witnesses murder, he will run straight to his favourite teacher and tell her what he saw.


At 7:05 AM each day, Riku will enter the school ground seventh in line on the left to school. He walks to his locker at 7:10 AM. At 7:15 AM, he will walk to the plaza, on the right side of the fountain, to gossip.

At 8:00 AM Riku will walk into classroom 3-2 and sit in his desk. He will start class at 8:30 AM, and will leave to go to lunch at 1:00 PM.

Since he is an average NPC, he will have no special events, so he gossips with his group in the cafeteria during lunch.

Riku walks to class again at 1:30 PM and will finish second period at 3:30 PM. He will then go down to his locker and linger there until 3:50 PM, when he walks home.


  • Riku may or may not remain in the game for he is not a true character and just a test dummy for debugging. If he does remain, he may undergo heavy change.[1]
  • His name is a reference to the most popular male Japanese names in 2012, 11th most popular being Riku, 12 most popular being Soma.[2][3]
  • His counterpart is Kokona Haruka.
  • In the debug builds, Riku is the only male student apart of the cooking club.



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