Shima Shita is one of the female students currently attending Akademi High School.


Shima has short brown hair with brown eyes. She wears a martial arts hairband when the Martial Arts Club is active. She wears the default school uniform unless customized.


Among all the personas currently implemented in the game, Shima is heroic. Meaning that she will give you a suspicious look when a camera is pointed at her. When witnessing murder she will try to apprehend the murderer and the struggle mini game will begin.


At 7:05 AM, Shima will enter the school grounds and reach her locker at 7:10 AM. She then lingers there before heading to the Martial Arts Club at 7:15 AM.

Shima starts heading to class at 8:00 AM and completes her morning class at class 1-2 at 1:00 PM. After class she heads back to the Martial Arts Club.

She returns to class at 1:30 PM and finishes her afternoon classes at 3:30 PM. Shima lingers at her locker before heading to the Martial Arts Club. She stays there with the other members until the end of the day.

If the Martial Arts Club is inactive, Shima and the other previous members will socialize outside of the club room during periods of time when they normally attend it.