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Yandere Simulator!

In Yandere Simulator, the protagonist (Ayano Aishi, otherwise known as Yandere-chan) has five days to get rid of her current rival to prevent them from confessing to her Senpai (Taro Yamada). There are 10 weeks with 10 rivals and one for each week. The final game will last those 10 weeks while the demo will be only one. Basically, it's about a yandere girl with rivals who have a crush on her Senpai...and those rivals need eliminated!

What is a Yandere?

Most of you probably have an idea of what a yandere is, but there are those few who are still left clueless, probably scratching their heads and saying "What the heck is a yandere?" but this little section will explain what a yandere is. The term yandere has many origins, but the most wildly accepted is of the meaning behind the name. Yandere may have been created as an abbreviated version of yanderu and deredere, where yanderu in Japanese means 'to be sick' and deredere means 'lovey dovey' so in basic terms: yandere means to be sick in love or to be mentally ill for love.

They will torture, destroy, manipulate, fight or even kill any obstacle between the yandere and their crush's "love" even if it means killing their best friend that they've known since they were born. However, the yandere will never admit that they're a yandere, or might not even achknowledge it. Yanderes are straight-up insane, and can be psychopathic or a sociopath.

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